Facial Expressions

Capturing Memories in Fabric Portraits

Want to create a portrait of a friend, or family member in fabric but don’t know where to start?

Afraid of not being able to create a good likeness of someone in a portrait?

Unable to figure out how to do the values (light and shadow) in a portrait?

Or just wanting to try a new challenge?


Check out the workshop details below.


This workshop will help you to:

  • Overcome the fear of starting which will help you with starting other new projects.
  • Help you to learn new skills that are transferable to other quilts/fibre art that you may do.
  • Gain confidence in your skills.


Learn to:

  • Choose a photo appropriate for a portrait.  It is essential to pick a good photograph, so that you don't have to struggle when creating a fabric portrait.
  • Develop a pattern from your photo.  Learn this skill for your portrait and then use it with other photos.
  • Use values effectively in a portrait. Values create form and dimension. A clear understanding of value is essential to creating a dynamic fabric portrait.
  • Select appropriate fabrics so fabric selection is stress free and you can create depth and realism.
  • Place fabrics to create depth and realism. Learn how to place the values for maximum impact.
  • Add detail with thread to bring your portrait to life.
  • Quilt your portrait to add further dimension and your personal touch.


Get the workshop now- only $200

The Facial Expressions Workshop

Features a step-by-step process for creating a realistic fabric portrait using fusible applique. 

And without you having to know how to draw!

What you get:

  • Comprehensive manual with detailed photos, so that you can see the steps described. Downloadable for those who prefer to print a paper copy.
  • Video lessons for those who prefer to see the action. Great to use with the notes for a great learning experience.  Available to be viewed on any device!
  • Resource photos so you can see the details of stitching and fabric placement in a variety of fabric portraits.



Plus these bonuses:

  • Private Facebook Group where you can share your work and get encouragement and feedback from the instructor and other students. Value $750
  • Checklists of what to do and not do, so you can avoid these mistakes. Value $50
  • Four live 1 hour Q&A sessions Value $280
  • Lifetime access to all course materials so you can review the materials at any time. Priceless!

About Valerie - Your Instructor and Coach

I started quilting in 2000 and initially made a few traditional quilts. Soon though the desire to do more led me to art quilting.

I have spent the last 9 years working primarily on fabric portraits. Through trial and error, I have designed a system that that will help you to successfully create your own personalized realistic portrait.

In both my work and my art,  teaching always excites me. 

The "Ah Ha" moment when students realize they understand and can do something is wonderful!

I have taught many courses since 2000 and have helped numerous students to gain new skills and develop their confidence.

My intention is to give people the tools to move forward on their own. 

You'll learn from my experiences!

Questions other students have asked before grabbing this offer

Yes. Assuming that you have basic quilting/sewing skills you will be able to do a fabric portrait.

There are a number of things that I will ask you to do within this workshop and it may be uncomfortable at times.

But if you are willing to put in a couple of hours each week and ask for help when you need it, you can create a realistic fabric portrait.

  • I will be available to you in the private Facebook group  for the length of  the workshop. Plus I will be doing the Live monthly calls with the group.


It takes on average about 30 hours to complete a head and shoulders portrait, from selecting your photo to completing the quilting.

If you work on your portrait on a regular basis about 3 - 4 hours per week you will have completed your portrait within the eight weeks of the workshop or sooner.

The amount of time you put in each week is up to you as you can work at your own pace.


You will have lifetime access to the materials. Lifetime meaning the lifetime of the workshop.

If the workshop should be discontinued at any time, you would receive 30 days notice so that you could download all the materials in the course. 


No. There isn't any drawing involved in this workshop.

If you find the workshop unsatisfactory you can cancel within 7 days of payment. I will refund the workshop fee minus administration fees.

After 7 days the workshop fees are not refundable.

Is there something that I din't answer here?

Send me an email and I will be happy to talk to you.

"Every step was a major accomplishment. It was wonderful to come to the realization that - Hey... I can do it!                       "

Mary Ann

"I loved when the faces started appearing in the fabric and the bits of clothes became people. "

Lisa Richmond

"What I enjoyed most about the class was learning the shading/value process. Using posterization and values to create depth and details was awesome!"

Vicky Paul

"My biggest accomplishment was conquering my fear!"

Sylvia Nodes

"I've never done this type of quilting, so just gaining this knowledge has boosted my confidence in trying it myself. I've also learned about fabric values. This alone is great! "

Carolyn Acs

"I got a picture that resembles the photo I started with!!"

Elaine Csupak

Waiting List - Registration opens in September

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Pricing Options

Self Study Option


Comprehensive Manual 





Facial Expressions Workshop


Comprehensive Manual


Private Facebook Group

Daily Instructor support and encouragement

Four Live Q & A sessions



Workshop with Private Coaching


Comprehensive Manual


Private Facebook Group

Daily Instructor support and encouragement (in group)

Four Live Q & A sessions

Private Coaching - Two 1 hr sessions (or four 1/2 hr sessions) of one on one coaching)


Get the workshop now!

I know how it feels not knowing where to start, being uncertain of what techniques to use to achieve the desired result and being afraid of failure.

I will teach you a process that will walk you step by step through creating a fabric portrait and give you the confidence and skills to create your own unique realistic portrait.


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