Smiles and Pearly Whites

A mini-course designed for those who want to create realistic mouths (and teeth) in a fabric portrait.

Have you have been wanting to improve the look of the mouths and teeth in your portraits?

People often comment that the mouths in their portraits look distorted.

Or that they won't choose a photo where the person has their mouth open as they are too afraid to do teeth.

The shape of the mouth shows the mood of the person and tells a lot about their character.

So whether the person is smiling, sad, or pouting as this little girl, the mouth (and sometimes the teeth) tell a lot about the story you want to tell.

Learn a simple method for creating the mouth and teeth 

so that they look like the person in your photograph.


Get the secrets to avoiding a distorted mouth in your portrait.

Learn how to carefully look at mouths and teeth - their shape and alignment, a critical skill needed for a realistic portrait.

Discover how the mouth shape changes as a person's head position changes and whether the person is smiling or has their mouth closed.

See how the careful placement of the different values of fabric creates the shape of the mouth and teeth.

See how detail is added with thread and coloured pencil.


This course is DIY and available right now.


Learn all the secrets of creating realistic mouths and teeth in fabric!

Smiles and Pearly Whites - Focus on the Mouth Mini-Course



Detailed notes

Lifetime access


Get it now!

This course is designed for those who want to learn more about creating the mouth and teeth in a fabric portrait.

This course does NOT go into the basics of creating a complete fabric portrait.

What you get:

Videos and detailed notes explaining each of the steps in the process.


Learn to observe mouths and teeth like an artist. You will be looking at everyone differently!  

Tips and tricks to be sure that you have the mouth (and teeth) right.

Learn how to place the fabrics for maximum effect and a simple method for stitching the teeth so that they look realistic.

 Get a look at how to add more detail to the mouth and teeth with stitching that brings them to life.


Lifetime access to the materials.

Downloadable notes that you can print and have beside your sewing machine.


Learn all the secrets of creating realistic mouth and teeth in fabric!

Smiles and Pearly Whites (Focus on the Mouth) Mini-Course with Bonus



Detailed notes

Lifetime access


I want it!

If you would like to learn more about creating fabric portraits, you can join my Facebook group Fabric Faces.

Or you can check out the full fabric portraits class - Facial Expressions


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